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Arnold Swartz and Associates
 provides top flight divorce, pre-nuptial, family and business mediation services for the Denver metro area and all Colorado.  Arnold Swartz, a leading mediator since 1983, serves Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe, Douglas, Broomfield, Adams, Gilpin, Routt, Grand, Summit and Elbert counties.

Arnold Swartz and Associates is committed to providing the highest quality mediation service at a reasonable cost. We are dedicated to assisting our clients to make decisions in a manner that maximizes the benefits and minimizes the amount of stress for everyone involved. We specialize in situations where the parties have a continuing relationship. This includes divorced parents, siblings and parents, coworkers, business partners, and business associates.

Knowledge, Experience, Dedication and Caring form the foundation for our work. The Why Choose Us page tells you more, including what former clients and referring professionals have to say about us. 

Arnold L. Swartz is one of the most experienced mediators in the Denver Metropolitan Area and the state of Colorado. He has helped thousands of clients and families to make decisions and resolve disputes. Go to the Meet Our Staff page for more detailed information.

During our more than thirty-one years of practice, we have developed an approach to mediation which has helped a vast majority of our clients to obtain a successful outcome. The About Our Process page describes this approach in detail.

Mediation has many applications in the business world, whether you are involved in a new or existing business. We have been able to help business clients resolve matters in a way that minimized their costs and maximized the opportunity for the business to grow and thrive. More information can be found on the Business Mediation page.

The use of mediation for divorce-related matters has grown significantly during the last fifteen years. Many courts routinely require separating, divorcing and divorced parents to participate in mediation before seeking a solution in court. The Divorce Mediation page provides more detailed information, including the advantages of mediation and how to decide if it is appropriate for your family’s situation.

The Mediation-Arbitration page describes a unique service for post-divorce, child-related issues which the co-parents are not able to decide on their own.

We also provide mediation services for other family-related disputes including those related to the care of an elderly and/or ill adult, estate-related situations and family relationship matters.

Negotiation consultation, which calls upon our negotiation facilitation expertise, is our newest service. The purpose is to assist an individual to be at his or her best in a negotiation. This is accomplished by developing a negotiation strategy which is custom made for each unique situation. Go to the Negotiation Consultation page for a more detailed description.

Attorneys can have an important role to play in the mediation process, although it is different than how they function in litigation. Over the years, we have worked collaboratively with many attorneys for the benefit of our common clients. See the Attorney’s Role page for a more detailed explanation.


Offices in the Denver Metro Area and Steamboat Springs

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