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Family & Divorce Mediation Articles

When Someone You Love Disappears on You (5/18/19)
Meredith Richardson

How can you help clients when the other party disappears?

The Psychology of Conflict and the Art of Compassion (5/17/19)
Debra Dupree

This article is designed to shift how we manage people in emotionally intense situations.

APFM, NAFCM, MBB & ACR Sponsor National Mediation Policy Act! (5/17/19)

The APFM, NAFCM, MBB & ACR have joined's groundbreaking efforts to set America on a better path by sponsoring the "National Mediation Policy Act" (NMPA). The Act declares a national policy favoring voluntary mediation over disputes being litigated, remaining unresolved or resulting in violence.

The Decision to Divorce: A Mediator’s Role (5/17/19)
Stuart Watson

While mediation is well-known as a successful and affordable method for couples to negotiate and settle a divorce or separation, mediation can also be an effective process for helping a couple make the decision to divorce.

8 Things To Consider When Communicating With Your Ex (5/10/19)
Leyla Balakhane

Divorce taints the line of communication between couples, as the multitude of emotions circulating between them makes it toughto remain civil.

What Is Divorce Mediation and Why Might it Be Good for You? (5/10/19)
Lori Frio-Walker

Divorce and custody mediation creates a safe, cooperative setting for participants to discuss emotional and substantive issues and engage in collaborative problem-solving. Participants open lines of communication, gain clarity and a better understanding of their own and each other's interests.

The Downside of DIY Divorce (5/10/19)
Denise French

With the increasing popularity of Pinterest, the concept of “do-it-yourself” or “DIY” projects have become enticing for many.

Is There LIfe After Divorce At 45? Your Mindset Tells It All (5/03/19)
Ann Cerney

You’re 45, and finally on the other side of your divorce.

Slow Down and Be the Bedouin (4/26/19)
Tammy Lenski

It feels productive to toss out ideas for a solution and demonstrate how much we want to help. But it’s usually unproductive if we haven’t done something essential first: Make sure we understand the problem from their frame of reference.

Division of Assets and Debts (4/26/19)
Leyla Balakhane

Financial matters are a primary topic of discussion in divorce mediation.

5 Key Questions to Ask About Family Mediation (4/22/19)
Dakota Murphey

For separating couples looking for an alternative to court proceedings, mediation can be hugely helpful in finding resolutions to the most contentious issues.

Are You and Your Ex “High Conflict Parents”? 5 Red Flags and What You Can Do (4/22/19)
Ann Cerney

Whether you are divorced or considering divorce, you’ve probably heard the dreaded catch phrase “high conflict parents”.

The Family Mediation Process – Step by Step Guide (4/22/19)
Zara Rafiq

Family mediation is becoming increasingly popular for families in the UK to help resolve conflict and reach agreements surrounding children or finances or in some circumstances, both.

What’s Fair Is Fair… Or Is It? (4/12/19)
Joy Rosenthal

“I only want what is equitable. That is my operating principle.”

Should Therapists Mediate? -- A Look at UK therapists (4/12/19)
Hadassah Fidler

Mediators come from a number of professional backgrounds, but lawyers and therapists are seemingly the most highly represented within their ranks.

New Zealand Family Justice Puts Children First (4/12/19)
Keri Morris

The people of New Zealand can be confident that children and families are at the front of the minds of an independent panel on family justice based on the panel's first report released last month.

Preparing Clients for Mediation: a quick communications course before the first meeting (4/12/19)
Keren Khaya Abrams

In that couple-week wait from scheduling to the first meeting, could be a ripe and highly motivated time for Mediation clients to tune up on skillful communications.

5 Tips for Coping With Divorce And Child Custody With a High-Conflict Ex (4/08/19)
Ann Cerney

‘Child Custody’ is becoming an outdated concept.

New Comparative Data on Mediator Directory Websites (4/02/19)
Jim Melamed

According to brand new 3/31/2019 data from, is most visited and most linked mediator directory website, by far! Recognized as a Top Attorney Directory! (3/28/19)
Jim Melamed

Now entering our 24th year, is recognized as a Top Law Firm Directory for SEO! is the 8th ranked lawyer directory. No other mediation or ADR directory is listed in the top 100!

Wanted: Diverse Divorce Practitioners. Why Diversity is Good for All of Us (3/15/19)
Valerie Qian

Couples from all backgrounds can benefit from help from diverse family law practitioners.

Use of Mediation During Divorce Proceedings in India (3/08/19)
Saakshi Jain

In this blog post, Saakshi Jain, student, Amity University, Lucknow Campus writes about Mediation, a must and compulsory process in India. This post also covers the need, advantages, and disadvantages of mediation and its impact on Indian divorces.

New Interview with Don Saposnek - The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society (3/07/19)
Donald T. Saposnek

This is a new interview with Don Saposnek, long-time leader in the field of divorce mediation and best supporting the interests of children in divorce, by Robert Benjamin as part of Mediate's new "The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society" video series.

Mediation As An Effective ADR Mechanism (3/03/19)
Anveksha Padhye

In this article, Anveksha Padhye does a critical analysis on whether mediation is an effective ADR mechanism or not.

Mediation in Child Protection Cases (2/22/19)
Leonard Edwards

This article illustrates the use of mediation in child protection (juvenile dependency) cases, a practice that has increased substantially in America’s juvenile courts over the past five years.

An Exploratory Study Based on USA Marriage Mediators’ Views (2/20/19)
Djidjoho Gnonhossou

This is a study on models of helping couples stay married. Please find enclosed a letter of invitation to the study.

New Interview with Ken Cloke - The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society (2/19/19)
Kenneth Cloke

This is a new interview of mediation leader and author Ken Cloke by Robert Benjamin as part of Mediate's new "The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society" video series.

New Interview with Nina Meierding - The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society (2/09/19)
Nina Meierding

New interview with Nina Meierding by Robert Benjamin as part of Mediate's new "The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society" video series.

Journey Toward a Social Lab Approach to Change (2/08/19)
Nancy Cameron

A small group of us in British Columbia have been collectively grappling with what we can do to leverage the uncertainty created by a time of great change.

Seven Ideas for a Better Divorce (1/25/19)
Hadassah Fidler

Innovate with ideas, try to think outside the box when it comes to solutions.

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